"I don’t care how long you’ve been playing golf, this experience will change your entire perspective of how to play and how to get better." ~Kevin A.

Summer Junior Programs

Summer Junior Programs

Mini-Masters: ages 5-7 (10 student limit)

Give your child the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of golf in a fun and interactive way. Our program combines education, gamification, and hands-on learning to create a memorable experience for young golfers. Enroll your junior golfer today and watch them develop a lifelong love for the game! (parent attendance required, participation encouraged)

Future Champions: ages 8-11 (12 student limit)

See your junior golfer begin to learn the fundamentals of golf or continue to build on what they already know. At this age we begin to introduce STEM principles to better understand the how and why a golf ball flies though the air! Enroll your junior golfer today and see their love for the game take the next step!

Rising Stars: ages 12-14 (12 student limit)

These junior golfers plan to play middle school or high school golf. We dive deeper into STEM concepts so that your child can learn to truly understand WHY swing the club through the ball a certain way. This program will teach the rising stars how to gamify practice, work together and encourage each other to persevere through potentially challenging scenarios.

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